AGS Events 

AGS Presents: Student Athletes For Mental Health 

November 17th, 2019 

For Fall Quarter AGS changed up the pace and invited former USC Volleyball player Victoria Garrick to share her story along side our own Sule Anibaba. This was our most powerful event to date with over 70 student athletes in attendance to listen Sule and Victoria's respective mental health journeys. In addition to Victoria and Sule, we put together a panel of current and former UC Davis Student Athletes for a Q&A. This allowed for our student athletes to not only hear the powerful talks from Victoria and Sule, but to get a glimpse of our peers and friends mental health journey as well. All in all the night was a great success and had a large impact on many. We are so thankful for everyone who had the courage to go up and share their story to help us rid the stigma that surround mental health. 

Treat Yo Self: Valentine's Day Event

February 15th, 2019 

For Winter Quarter A.G.S. and Athlete Ally joined forces to promote self worth/identity and kindness to others in our Valentines themed event. This event also had a great turn out with over 70 student athletes in attendances to string together bracelets, make valentines to send to other student athletes, decorate cookies, tie dye shirts and all in all just promote well being in our lives. The Baseball, Swim and Dive along with Track all had a great turn out and met other athletes. A.G.S. loves seeing when teams band together to support such a new movement and cause in the athletic world. 

Pumpkin Smash 

November 2nd, 2018 

Student Athletes definitely had a “SMASHing” good time at this event. A.G.S. provide a variety of pumpkins along with sledge hammers and baseball bats to smash pumpkins with. Before we smashed them we wrote our stresses or frustrations on the pumpkin in sharpie. This was a big hit for the baseball team as the entire team showed up to support, which made that night all the more fun and enjoyable. In addition to pumpkin smashing there was a “cake-walk” with pie as a reward since this event took place so close to Halloween. Towards the end of the night we had a mummy contest with different teams competing against each other. All in all, there were a lot of laughs and smiles to go around the whole night!

AGS CAREnival 

June 1st, 2018 

A.G.S. welcomed over 100 student athletes at its “CAREnival”. This event was full of different games, including the popular dunk tank which featured both UC Davis Athletes, and a few daring admin such as Mike Lorenzen. Leading up to finals week, it gave athletes a chance to de-stress and reflect on some things we are grateful for in the midst of our crazy schedules. These events not only double as a time to relax but it also gives athletes a chance to get to know each other ultimately making the athletic community more tight knit and understanding of the stories and backgrounds of our peers.  This event will return spring of 2019 in an even bigger and better fashion!

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Tackling Transitions 

April 13th, 2018 

A.G.S. very first event ever to kick off the new Student Athlete Resource Group was coined the name “Tackling Transitions.” The event was held on a Friday evening during Spring quarter at the football stadium. AGS ambassadors worked hard to coordinate and provide dinner for all those who attended. As over 50 student-athletes stood in line for the delicious lasagna, salad and fresh bread rolls, two student-athlete speakers were preparing to talk to everyone about their journey with Mental Health and how they have overcome tough “transitions” in life. The two speakers were Nina Gonzalez from the Swim and Dive as well as Marc Toney from Track and Field. Their stories were awesome to listen to, and their bravery to share their story is what truly brings the athletic community together. Nina states, “Although I was anxious to share my mental health journey, being surrounded by so much love and support from my fellow student athletes made it easy. All I wanted to be able to do was inspire one person- if I did that, it was worth all of it to me.” Next the group all congregated on the football field with blankets and popcorn to watch “Inside Out” on the Jumbotron. Overall the event was a huge success, as over 50 athletes attended a non-mandatory event. This event is what launched us into the the rest of the year with smiles and excitement!