Meet Your AGS Ambassadors:


Sydney Holmes


Sydney is a senior on our UC Davis Women’s Track and Field team. If Sydney were to be an animal she would be an elephant because they are such peaceful and caring animals, but at the same time they don’t let anything stand in their way.

"A.G.S. is honestly a huge part of my life. I spend much of my time brainstorming ideas and events on how to make the athletics at UC Davis a positive, accepting and open environment to talk about mental well-being. We started A.G.S to make it more than OK for people to tell their story... struggles and triumphs included. I, myself, have been in place in my life where I solely relied on the people around me to get me through the day. But that doesn't make me any less strong or any less brave... contrary to the belief that athletes are always suppose to be as tough as nails. If anything, going through something that tested me so, has made me stronger and more resilient. I hope as a member of A.G.S. I can take my passion for helping others and my own experience with mental health to extend a loving hand to everyone around me. "


Ethan Hicks


Ethan is a senior on our UC Davis Football team. If Ethan were to be an animal he would be a snow leopard because they are able to adapt to their environments and succeed regardless of their situation.

"AGS is so important to me because I know that with a few strong willed individuals, a huge change can be made on campus to reduce the stigma of mental health and create a more positive environment on campus. All athletes have gone through certain struggles that we can all relate to, and that is what is so special about AGS. It is a program created for student athletes, made BY student athletes because we are all in this together. I am a huge believer in the power of a smile and how it can positively change the way that people feel. Smiling is contagious and I feel that AGS is a huge source of creating joy and happiness on campus."


Jackie Graves


Jackie is a junior on our UC Davis Woman’s Volleyball team. If Jackie were to be an animal she would be a giraffe since she is so tall. 

“I am in AGS to help spread awareness to mental health issues in athletics. A lot of athletes don’t know that they have resources and people on their side that can help them when going through tough times. I want people to know they are not alone.  Changing the current narrative about mental health issues is significant for the future. I would like to be involved in any what that I can.”


Nina Gonzalez

Media/Outreach Coordinator

Nina is a senior on our UC Davis Swim and Dive team. If Nina were to be an animal she would be a hippo because she is hungry.

"I love being a member of AGS and helping increase mental health awareness in the athletics community here at Davis. I'm a transfer student, and I strongly feel like something like this program at my previous school could have greatly helped save me from my long and hard battles with mental illness there. I'm proud to be working toward recovery from mental illness and want to help others do the same."


Kate Graham 

Media/Outreach Coordinator

Kate is a junior on our UC Davis Woman’s Lacrosse team. If Kate were to be an animal she would be a giraffe because they are tall, have the largest hearts of all land animals, and no two giraffe coat patterns are the same. On top of this they also like to roam around in groups.

“By becoming an ags ambassador I have taken a step towards creating a world that people can feel free in. A world where we don't have to take a risk to trust people with our personal struggles and stories, instead we are reassured and reminded of the support and reasources at our disposal. In order to play well as athletes, to work imaginatively in the classroom, and to treat people with respect and kindness, we need to honor our holistic selves. Treat our bodies and minds properly. AGS is helping to break through the stigma that mental health isn't vital to our overall wellbeing. Here at UC Davis we are tearing through the boxes that say no to emotion, no to struggle, no to sadness, no to feeling lost, confused, or empty. We do this in hopes to make tangible improvements for the future leaders of our society.”


Kieana Butler

Media/Outreach Coordinator

Kieana is a senior on our UC Davis Women’s Track and Field team. If Kieana were to be an animal she would be a cheetah so she could run fast.

“Being a student athletes who suffers from anxiety and depression I know that it can be hard to balanace everything. I’ve found that having a support system really helps me on my rough days. Sometimes I just need to talk to someone. I want to be able to be that for another athlete.”


Taylor Cuenin

Event Coordinator 

Taylor is a senior on our UC Davis Women’s Lacrosse team. If Taylor were to be an animal she would be an arctic wolf because she loves the snow and being outdoors. Wolves usually live in packs which she likes because it reminds her of being on a team. Also, a wolf is not prey which is comforting because she wouldn’t want to be eaten by another animal.

"I became a member of AGS because I feel that it is very important for college students, especially student-athletes, to recognize and care for their mental health and well-being. I want to ensure that all of the student-athletes at UC Davis feel they have the opportunity to express themselves and share their experiences with other student-athletes in a safe and comfortable environment. After three years at UC Davis, I know how challenging and stressful a sport can make life sometimes. The thought of having fellow athletes not only on my own team but on other teams to go to for support is very comforting, and AGS is there to create and foster this support. As a member of AGS, I hope to collaborate with others to provide new ways to promote the overall mental health and well-being of student-athletes. I aim to serve as a guide for these athletes as they work towards building their own unique college experience."


Solie Laughlin 

Event Coordinator

Solie is a senior on our UC Davis Swim & Dive team. If Solie were to be an animal she would be a dolphin because they are so graceful in the water.

"I am apart of AGS because being in a support system for people in need or are struggling is something I am proud to be apart of. I use the information given as learning experience to help more individuals in the future. As a member, I hope to create events as well as learning opportunities to reduce negative mental health in athletes."


Amanda Outcalt

Event Coordinator 

Amanda is a junior on our UC Davis Women’s Lacrosse team. As a Marine Sciences major Amanda loves all sea life but her favorite animal is a Blue Whale. She would be a Blue Whale because of how powerful and beautiful they are, also because of the tight-knit communities they form. Blue Whale's just float around the ocean chilling because no one messes with the largest mammal on earth.

“I joined AGS because the program allows me to get involved in the athlete community. My main goal through AGS is to become an outlet for my teammates and other athletes during a hard time, or even just when they are having an off day. I hope to build trusting relationships with my teammates so they understand that I am here for them not just as their friend, but also as a confidential resource when they don't feel comfortable reaching out to a stranger in their time of need. I believe AGS is a very unique, valuable program that will make the student-athlete community stronger and more united than ever."


Autumn Miller

SAAC Liaison 

Autumn is a senior on our UC Davis Softball team. If she were to be an animal she would be an Armadillo.

“I joined AGS because I love mental health awareness.”


Aliyah Walker

SAAC Liaison 

Aliyah is a redshirt sophomore on our UC Davis Women’s Soccer team. If Aliyah were to be an animal she would be a Badger because they are cute but fierce.

“I’m in AGS because I want people to have rescources to get help dealing with the stress of life as a student athlete. I want to create an environment where student-athletes feel comfortable asking for help, they are informed about people they can turn to, and they know how to support the people around them. I think there’s a lot of work to be done fighting the stigmas surrounding asking for help.”


Erin Beattie


Erin is a senior on our UC Davis Women’s Track and Field team. If Erin were to be an animal she would be a Flamingo because Flamingo’s were her favorite animal as a kid.

“I am in AGS because i think it is important to establish a resource for student athletes. Also, AGS provides a unique opportunity to get involved on campus with groups that I can directly relate to.”


Jazmen Bunch


Jazmen is a senior on our UC Davis Women’s Track and Field team. If Jazmen were to be an animal she would be a lion because they are the fiercest animal.

"I became apart of this club because it will give me insight and experience for my future career. I want to become a therapist and therefore this club will alllow me to learn how to guide people and how to interact with them.”


Mia Facey 


Mia is a senior on our UC Davis Swim & Dive team. If Mia were to be an animal she would be a panther because they are elegant and fierce.

"I am in AGS because I think mental health is a topic that is kind of taboo, but extremely relevant and important to talk about. "


Kristin Schumann

Kristin is a senior on our UC Davis Swim & Dive team. If Kristin were to an animal she would be a bear because she likes bear hugs.

"Mental health awareness & dialogue is something that has become extremely important for my team, and I believe it should be for other teams as well. Anything I can do to help our athletic community achieve this is something I want to be a part of. "


Logan Denholm

Logan is a redshirt junior on our UC Davis Baseball team. If Logan were to be an animal he would be a turtle because he carries everything with him and he is also very slow.

"I joined AGS because I have encountered my own struggles with mental health that have changed my life in ways I never would have imagined. As athletes we are always pushed and want to perform at the top of our game, but I have quickly learned that it is hard to perform at a high level when I am not taking care of myself mentally. I joined AGS to share my story to help erase the stigma that surrounds mental health. My hope is that with the help of AGS on campus an important conversation will be started about the significance of mental health and people will understand that they are not alone in this journey. I hope to be a friend to all on campus that everyone can talk to about what is going on in their life and then help connect them with the appropriate resources for the help they might need. I also hope to be someone people can always rely on and turn to with their struggles in mental health. I hope to see AGS have a positive wide spread effect campus wide. "


Natalie Graces

Natalie is a senior on our UC Davis Women’s Lacrosse team. If Natalie were to be an animal she would be a dog because she loves the connection she has with her friends and family and if she were a dog she could still have that.

“I joined AGS because I believe that every student-athlete should be aware of their own mental and emotional well-being as well as the stigmas surrounding mental health. Every student-athlete experiences many challenges and difficulties throughout college, and it's important for them to know the resources available to them on and off campus. As a member I hope to encourage other student athletes to feel comfortable talking about mental health and the importance of their overall well-being with other student athletes and teammates.”


Nick Fehrenbach

Nick is a junior on our UC Davis Football team. If Nick were to be an animal he would be an owl but with better hair.

“I’m in AGS because when I was in high school a girl came up to me the day before our graduation. She told me that there were a lot of times her senior year where she was dealing with depression and reached a point where she thought of ending things on multiple occasions. But the fact that I would smile and say hi to her while walking through the halls was enough to show someone cared. A simple smile gave her enough hope. Mental health issues are real and can affect everyone, including athletes, and I want to be able to help as many people as I can because I’ve seen first hand how far a random act of kindness can go.”


Ryman Crone

Ryman is a sophomore on our Men’s Cross Country and Track team. If Ryman were to be an animal he would be a Yellow Lab because he enjoys making other people happy, while living his own life to the fullest.

“I became interested in AGS because I saw it as a chance to hear other peoples' stories and hardships. I think its extremely easy to get caught up in our own issues and problems, so hearing others go through similar difficulties can put our lives in perspective. As a result of opening up and revealing ourselves, I hope to strengthen the relationships between myself and my fellow athletes.”


Dan Plum

Dan is a junior on our UC Davis Football team. If Dan were to be an animal he would be an Orca Whale because they are a pack animal who are playful, yet still about their business.

“I am in AGS because I think you can learn something for yourself while helping others. Simply put, I feel good when others feel good. I like to put smiles on peoples faces and know that I am making a difference (even in the smallest way) in someones life. As a member of AGS I want to continue to learn about mental health as well as help our own AGS group set up events where we can promote student athletes well being.”


Kourtney Eaton

Kourtney is a senior on our UC Davis Women’s Basketball team. If Kourtney were to be an animal she would be a dog because they are so fun and lovable.

“I’m in AGS because I want to be someone my teammates feel comfortable talking to when they need help. I want to be the person they trust and the person that can help them be as happy and healthy as possible.”


Ramsey Hufford

Ramsey is a senior on our UC Davis Football team. If Ramsey were to be an animal he would be a liger (mix of a lion and a tiger with magic skills) because what could beat that.

"I want to change the stigma around mental health in sports, in general and especially on the football team."


Tiger Garcia

Tiger is a junior on our UC Davis Football team. If Tiger were to be an animal he would be a Tiger because they are beasts.

“I want to support athletes who are not happy.”


Ryan Martinez

Ryan is a senior on our UC Davis Football team. If Ryan were to be an animal he would be a tiger because that was his elementary school’s mascot.

“I want to take part in establishing an organization that truely cares about athletes’ mental well-being and brings athletes from different sports closer together.”


Darius Livingston

Darius is a sophomore on our UC Davis Football team. If he were to be an animal he would be a monkey because he likes bananas.

“I have had a lot of people come up to me with dark thoughts. Some of these people were the strongest people I know. I believe being equipped with the right tools in AGS will allow me to help my teammates more in the future.”


Elisha Cusumano

Elisha is an Athletic Trainer here at UC Davis. If Elisha were to be an animal she would be a Panda Bear because they are cute, but fierce in caring for their own.

“I’m here to help support student athletes fostering a safe and open space to support one another.”